Who We Are

We are creating a space where teachers are free
to do flexible work that is in alignment with
innovative, millennial worqplace trends. In
this space, teachers are paid improved salaries,
instructionally and professionally supported as
they grow, and encouraged to expand their
geographical, academic reach.

What We Do

We find, hire, and support the people who are
in charge of shaping and growing tomorrow's
leaders. We believe people do their best worq
when they are paid what they are worth, when
they are supported by mentors in their field,
when they are viewed as people, first, and
when they are happy.

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Why SchoolWorq
Approach 1

Schoolworq connects educators
to career growth opportunities by
creating a national/regional
district in which talent can be
flexible from year to year, while
maintaining retention and benefits
within the same company.

Approach 2

Schoolworq engages the next
generation of teachers by
adapting workplace practices
that are attractive to millennial
talent, while offering competitive
salaries that are based on
experience and performance.

Approach 3

Schoolworq curates recruiting
experiences for educators that mirror
or precedes other leading professions
by creating a new category of teaching
and hiring that centers around
performance-based pay, innovation,
flexibility, and a professional learning
driven culture.

Our worq is personal and it resonates with every teacher we meet. We are creating a new category for what it means to teach, so that the stories that matter can be heard and shared.