Do you need to be certified to accept a teaching position with Schoolworq?

Yes. All of our educators are certified in their home state.

What if I hold a valid teaching license in one state, but I'm interested in teaching in another state?

That's a question we get asked a lot. The answer is rather simple. When you sign on to be apart of our team, you will be assigned to a Certification Specialist who will worq with you on obtaining licensure in at least three states based on your geographical preferences.

Am I paid by the school district?

You will be paid by SchoolWorq, according to our salary and benefits package.

Does SchoolWorq charge a placement fee?

Simply put, no. We're not a placement agency. We are our own district, we just don't own any buildings (smile). You have to remember, we're the first of our kind. We know it's going to take some getting used to. We do not charge our employees to worq with us.

I haven't received my Bachelor's degree yet. Can I still apply?

Of course! You will need a Bachelor's degree and valid teaching certificate to formally accept a position, but we do accept applications from graduating seniors who can confirm their graduation date. If you are not a graduating senior and would still like to worq with us, please apply for our Ambassador or #DoGood Program.

How long is my teaching contract?

It depends on the school district that you are assigned to. Assignments will be presented during your scheduled #AfterClass session. Assignments can range from 8 weeks to 180 days. You will always have the option of choosing where you go and how much or how little you worq. That's our promise to you.

I'm interested in a Skills-Based position. Will I need a teaching certificate?

These positions are requested and customized for the school district.Some skills-based positions require a teaching certificate, while other skills-based positions do not. For instance, if you are interested in teaching an Entrepreneurship class that is expected to run the course of a typical school year, you will need to hold a valid teaching certificate for the area of concentration. If you are interested in an Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Culinary Arts (see our Little Book of #ClassWorq to learn about our course offerings) that is expected to last 6 weeks, you will not need a teaching certificate.

Do you offer virtual teaching positions?

We offer tele-teaching positions as a stand alone option. We also offer virtual alternatives to the traditional model based on COVID-19 safety precautions.